Life & Leadership Coaching For Women


If you weren't held back by your circumstances--money, time, children, spouses/partners, work, confidence--where would you be? What do you currently see as impossible for your life?

Here is where we start. 

I created Hear Her Roar to provide a confidante and haven for women who are ready to get out of their own way and create Bold Lives for themselves. 

My clients come from all professional and social backgrounds, whether they be young aspiring entrepreneurs or mothers ready to nurture their own lives after taking care of others. What brings them all here? Their desire for more.

Coaching is a forward-thinking process. Let re-inventing your life be a question of "what's next" rather than "what's wrong." 

So, what is next? If you could have everything you wanted in life, wouldn't you choose that? Contact me at to be heard and get the conversation started. 

  • The beauty of Christina’s coaching is that she empowers you to be the leader of your own life
    — B.T.
  • The feeling of progress generated in our talks doesn’t dissipate, and instead remains present in my day to day life
    — S.H.
  • Christina brings clarity and lightness to even the most jumbled ball of insecurity and confusion
    — D.T.


To learn more about these services or to book a sample session, please contact me directly at


1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching is a partnership. In this process, you are the expert on you and your life. As such, you decide what we are here for and where we want to end up. In return, I help you tap into your innate intuition to bring out all of the brilliance, power, and clarity that is already inside of you. A life by your design is at your fingertips. Our work is in eliminating the stops and stucks that are getting in your way.


Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a powerful opportunity to connect with a mastermind network of women. Group coaching is a six-month commitment that allows you to reap immense value from a structured program and benefit from the support and accountability of others whom you can relate to and share this personal journey with. Specific themed programs run year-round. Click below for more information.


Speaking Engagements

Coaches lead, and leaders coach. As such, it is my pleasure to partner with other leaders to create workshops, panels, summits, and other programs to reach a broader audience of women ready to take control of their own lives. Previous collaborators include Mount Holyoke College, Eventsy, IBM, Core Woman, and The Girl Scouts of America. Fill out a contact form if you have an opportunity available for us. 

Some IMPACTS of Coaching:

- Gaining clarity on your current life and future goals
- Creating a pathway for possibility and balance in all areas of life
- Stopping the need to beat yourself up
- Working with your commitments and values, not against them
- Starting to celebrate your own brilliance
- Defining strategies to do all of the things you have wanted to
- Creating a powerful action plan to meet your goals

- Living a BOLD life
- Stopping the excuses for the way things are
- Starting to take RESPONSIBILITY and ACTION
- Being seen, heard, and valued
- Doing the things that scare you
- Communicating honestly and fearlessly from the heart
- Learning techniques to access power in a whole new way

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