What Clients Are Saying

Christina’s commitment to herself and her team is unbelievable. She is not afraid to challenge her clients and is an excellent active listener. She helped me figure out my life’s purpose and I am forever grateful for her guidance. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone looking to take their personal life and career to the next level. She always challenges me regularly and is just an amazing source of vulnerability and authenticity.
— D.H. New York, NY
Christina is amazing and caring, fun, and spontaneous!! As a mental health therapist I knew there were other forms of seeking growth and clarity, though I never knew there was something else out there as powerful as therapy. The value from the experience I had is unmeasurable and unforgettable. Even when I was unsure or wavering in my commitments to my goals, she helped me to persevere, always had faith in me, and was not judgmental. I took more risks than ever before, even when it was completely outside my comfort zone, and accomplished more than I could have ever imagined! The best part though was the new relationship and love that I had toward myself and others, which was made possible from the partnership that Christina created with me through her authenticity, boldness, and humor!!
— C.H. Boston, MA
I had heard a lot about coaching but wasn’t sure what to expect. In our first session, Christina answered all my questions and made me feel at ease with the process. We have worked together for a few months now, and each session we have is transformational. She has helped me to feel stronger and empowered me to make changes in my life that I didn’t see were holding me back. She has helped me find a new way of looking at myself and my strengths, and my confidence grows each time we work together. Her style is assertive with love/respect/sincerity, and I always feel acknowledged and heard as we end our sessions. I would highly recommend her to friends and colleagues.
— T.R. Pittsburgh, PA
We had the pleasure of having Christina speak at the Maine Women’s Network’s Boost Your Business Breakfast. Christina’s energy was fresh and contagious! Her presentation was clear, concise and had many effective takeaways that the audience was eager to implement. Her presence was strong and confident but approachable; she had a knack for coaxing out audience engagement (which isn’t an easy task!). Christina was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing her speak again!
— Mackenzie Arsenault, Portland Chapter Chair of the Maine Women’s Network
Christina has transitioned me from a life coach skeptic (or at least someone who was uncertain about the value generated from life coaching) to a complete believer. She patiently waited for weeks while I got acquainted with the unfamiliar territory of life coaching. Our sessions have evolved from me searching for topics to talk about to me eagerly looking forward to the session and the support I will receive during the call. She is a terrific combination of incisive and warm, making sure every conversation ends with clarity, positivity and motivation. Most importantly, her support is pragmatic and action-driven. She provides perspectives and devises techniques that inspire you to act and strive for results. Given the nature of my work, the areas I need support around change almost every week and I love how Christina skillfully balances the micro and macro of the situation – she guides me on a specific situation but always fits it in the bigger picture, making sure there is overall development. I started working with Christina around the same time that I embarked on my professional journey and she has truly empowered me to become more and more confident and to really be happy with what I am doing (this has surely trickled into my personal life as well). Even as I type this, I am excited to see what our next session unravels and how it will bring me another step closer to becoming a competent and fearless leader in my career.
— P.K. New York, NY
“Within the first 5 minutes of speaking, I knew Christina was going to be the one to help me conquer my roadblocks. She brings clarity and lightness to even the most jumbled ball of insecurity and confusion. She offers new tools, new perspective and positive support each time we talk. Her warmth and smile grounds me to the moment, allows me to BE curious and open. Every session with Christina has been life changing and self reviving. I couldn’t thank her enough for all she has done...or undone thus far!!”
— D.T. Newport, RI
“Christina is the most pleasant surprise that you could possibly imagine out of a coach. Of course her professionalism and experience speaks for itself, but it’s the balance of reliable comfort and targeted challenges that makes her an invaluable coach. Throughout my sessions with her, she has allowed me the flexibility to tailor the experience to my fluctuating needs, while helping me to clarify a long term vision of success across all areas of my life. The beauty of Christina’s coaching is that she empowers you to be the leader of your own life and solidify goals and next steps independently, even when you feel you are at a standstill. I feel like I have an epiphany with every session, and all of which I have self-identified by applying her various reflections and tools! Christina is an incredible support system and inspirational facilitator who will get you on track to succeed and evolve into the person you strive to become.
— B.T. New York, NY
Christina is committed and passionate about her work as a coach. She fully invests in her clients both her time, energy, and, most apparently, her heart. I think what makes her most successful is her desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. I highly recommend her as a coach.
— B.D. New York, NY
When I started working with Christina, I was clear on one thing - that fear was holding me back from claiming a lot of what I wanted. I had made some progress with respect to getting far enough in self development to know that, but was ready to take the next step from knowing that I could create the life that I wanted to starting to actually create it on a bigger scale. With Christina’s support, I learned to be with instead of fix a lot of what I thought was holding me back, and recognize the power in myself to change my perspective on my life whenever I wanted to. At the beginning of our coaching journey together, I had a relationship that I wasn’t 100% sure about, a massive fear of failure that I could start my own business, and no frame of reference for how and when I could make the leap to leave my stable, predictable job to then take my business full time. Now, I have a fully blossomed relationship full of love, support, and respect, a business that both makes me incredibly happy and brings in income, and a plan to leave my full time job within the next few months that makes me feel powerful instead of doubtful. The biggest difference between Christina and all the other methods I had previously employed to move my life forward is that in her, I found a magical combination of someone who inspires me, co-creates with me, shelters me, respects me, lets me have my process, and kicks my butt all exactly at the right time so that I consistently feel both supported and challenged in the context of my own greatness.
— P.S. Cincinnati, OH
Christina is one of the most compassionate, powerful and magical coaches I know. She creates massive results with such ease, and helps her clients to do the same. Her love for, and commitment to refining her coaching technique combined with her powerful heart centered presence, makes her an outstanding coach and trainer. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Christina is better as a result. It’s truly an honor to work with her in many different capacities I have had the pleasure to.
— H.W. Silver Springs, MD
Christina’s questions and insight support me discovering each layer of my being. In doing so, I’m able to take a more effective approach to accomplish my goals. Christina also gracefully holds space for my energy whether it be high or low. During our conversations I sense her support and intuition, and I always leave our conversations feeling fulfilled and energized for what’s to come. Partnering with Christina provides me with the clarity I need in this bustling world.
— J.M. Arlington, VA
Christina is an amazing coach who exudes power and love along with tremendous insight. Christina challenged me in all areas of our coaching. She reminds me of what I am working towards and what I say I want and helps to get me out of my own way to actually create it. She stands for me to play a bigger game than I have been, even when it scares the crap out of me. Christina is also full of love and has helped me to create space for myself to feel all of the feelings, good and bad. She is a human being full of love, power and stand, who I am grateful is in my corner everyday!
— K.P. Charlotte, NC
I had never worked with a life coach before, and was unsure of what to expect. Working with a life coach requires dedicated effort, but I was very willing to do so since every session with Christina has seemed to change my life for the better. I don’t swear that someone has changed my life often, but I can state with honest conviction that over the last few months Christina has helped me empower myself. Christina has such a keen and detailed ear, and this gift enables her to identify mechanisms within myself that even I haven’t been able to truly realize. She not only sees the presence of such personal traits, but she beautifully, intelligently, and honestly guides me to work towards a better version of myself. Without fail, I always leave our sessions feeling touched and hopeful, as well as feeling able to use the tools she brings to our sessions outside of our conversations. The feeling of progress generated in our talks doesn’t dissipate, and instead remains present in my day to day life. I am not only praising the power of life coaching, but Christina herself. Christina’s understanding, thoughtfulness, and guidance are only a few of many traits that make her very responsible for inspiring a massive change of thought and action in my life. Christina has the ability to see what you cannot, and give you a perspective that otherwise might not be considered. I cannot speak highly enough of Christina, and would swifty recommend her as a coach for she always rises to the occasion, and will certainly leave you in a better place than you began.
— S.H. Bedford Hills, NY
It was a pleasure having Christina come speak to our students about self care. Christina commands the room and draws everyone’s attention with her words. She was strategic about her presentation and got her message across in the most effective way to a diverse audience of teens and adults. Christina reminded us how important it is to focus on ourselves first in order to improve other aspects of our lives. She helped us discover small changes we could make individually to be happier. After her talk, we felt inspired to take on the world with a positive attitude. Overall, Christina’s passion for women empowerment is evident and she is always excited to help women of all ages around her better their lives.
— Maine Coastal Studies for Girls
Hear Her Roar creates a positive space for us all to come and mastermind, collaborate, get support, and feel empowered. The focus is brilliance in all aspects of life; personal, professional, and all that’s in between. Whether one on one private sessions or group settings, I can look forward to authentic conversation, uplifting material, relevant resources, challenges, and other useful bits to keep me motivated, inspired, and well-equipped for success.
— C.A. New York, NY