Alongside 1:1 and group coaching, Christina Stathopoulos of Hear Her Roar offers her services as a speaker to various women-centric organizations. If you are interested in booking Christina to speak, please contact her here

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  • Working Title: How to Have More Success By Doing Less Work
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About Christina

Christina Stathopoulos is the Founder and Head Coach of Hear Her Roar. She is an Accomplishment Coaching-Certified Coach and holds degrees in English and chemistry from Mount Holyoke College. 

Christina founded Hear Her Roar because of her passion for building up women to take on anything that life throws at them. She specializes in working with high-performing women who are keen on on developing bold voices, and perfecting the work/life balance to create lives that serve them--rather than the other way around.

Her previous roles have been diverse, her experience ranging from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to the hustle and bustle of NYC startups. Her writing has been published in Imaging in Medicine, The American Journal of Neuroradiology, The Blackstick Review, and Essential Living Maine.


It was a pleasure having Christina come speak to our students about self care. Christina commands the room and draws everyone’s attention with her words. She was strategic about her presentation and got her message across in the most effective way to a diverse audience of teens and adults. Christina reminded us how important it is to focus on ourselves first in order to improve other aspects of our lives. She helped us discover small changes we could make individually to be happier. After her talk, we felt inspired to take on the world with a positive attitude. Overall, Christina’s passion for women empowerment is evident and she is always excited to help women of all ages around her better their lives.
— Coastal Studies for Girls
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