Hear Her Roar is about building your voice and your community. Here are some of my favorite resources for getting inspired and supported.


Speaker Sisterhood of Portland

The Speaker Sisterhood is a network of public speaking clubs for women. During bi-monthly meetings, each club provides a community for women who want to increase confidence, boost public speaking skills, have fun, and maybe even change the world. I am thrilled to be able to expand this community to Portland, ME, and there are now chapters across the east coast. Find a club near you.



When I wanted my branding to be as powerful as my coaching, I turned to these guys. Plus Branding is a full service branding agency specializing in companies that do good. They are dedicated to creating clear and effective strategies that ensure you are differentiating your business on more than just price, and create value that will keep customers coming back. If you’re ready to take your brand and your business to the next level, give them a call. 



I am part of a number of online communities for women. One of my must-joins if you are new to connecting online is Mogul. Mogul is an award-winning technology platform that enables women worldwide to share ideas, solicit advice, and access content based on their personal interests.