About Coaching

Some Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking process to inspire them to reach their maximum potential personally and professionally. In plain terms, I work with clients to help them get everything they want in life. Although there are many coaching practices that focus solely in one area--such as career, wellness, finances, etc.--I intentionally identify myself as a Life and Leadership Coach because it is my personal philosophy that having it all means becoming the leader of your life in all of its areas. As such, although we may work on area-specific projects, coaching will always revert back to the "big picture," the complete and whole life you want for yourself.

+ Who hires a life coach?

To bottom line: Someone ready for more. An individual or company may decide to work with a coach for any number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

-Work and life are out of balance
-An exciting new opportunity (new job, new relationship, etc.) is at stake
-Core strengths need to be identified for leverage in new endeavors
-It is time to identify "What's Next"
-A gap currently exists in skills, confidence, or sources

+ Is coaching a type of therapy?

Coaching is a separate service profession from therapy. Therapy is focused in healing, and occasionally generates some action. Coaching is focused in action, and occasionally generates some healing. As a coach, I am not trained to be able to take on therapeutic concerns such as anxiety, depression, or addiction. Although I can coach around such concerns, ultimately you will not generate the results you desire when other stops are not being addressed. If clients display any of the aforementioned concerns, I will refer them to another professional for support. With that being said, you can absolutely work with a coach if you are also in therapy. If you have further questions about this, please reach out to me personally at christina@hearherroar.net.

+ How does one become a life coach?

There are a number of training programs available to individuals interested in becoming a life coach, however not all programs are accreditted. The International Coach Federation (ICF) lists accreditted programs on its website, and is a great resource in general for potential coaches. Personally, I went through Accomplishent Coaching's Coach & Leadership Training Program. It is currently the only accreditted program that allows guest observations should you be interested in getting a glimpse into what training entails. Becoming a coach is one of life's richest and most challenging experiences. E-mail me personally at christina@hearherroar.net if you would like to learn more about my own experience and chat about the future of yours.

+ What is the difference between a coach and a consultant?

A consultant is an expert. People work with consultants when they require that expertise to create solutions for them. However as a coach, I assert that you and/or your team are the experts, and as such you can generate your own solutions. My role is in the support, co-creating discovery-based approaches and structures.

+ Do you work with men?

Yes! If you identify with the messages behind Hear Her Roar, our conversation doesn't end at gender. Get in touch, and let's see what progressive magic we can create together.