The Stories We Tell

When I decided to focus on supporting women in getting life to run on their terms, I hadn’t realized how much of my time would be spent telling my own story of becoming the leader of my life. 

I knew I would be coaching, and at times offering feedback, but I hadn’t considered that my story would be so central to building my community.

Lately I have been sharing my story a lot. Whether it’s at workshops, a networking event, or in a college classroom, I find that each time I tell my story, it opens a door. 

The door has a sign on it that says, “Tell me your story, too.”

I get to hear all kinds of stories, of shyness, of dreams, of hopes, of fears, and of courage. 

By telling my story of working through my fear of owning my life, I give others the freedom to share their own stories. 

On Monday, I got to observe a chapter of the Speaker Sisterhood, a network of speaking clubs dedicated to women who are ready to boost their confidence and improve their public speaking skills. At the meeting, my experience was that these women have found their own voices while discovering parts of themselves that they never knew were there.

Just like with coaching, this organization builds leaders by showing women how powerful they are when they use their voice.

What I have observed is that the growth and connection that comes from this type of work is what creates the leaders this world needs.

And so I am excited to announce that I will be starting a local chapter of the Speaker Sisterhood in Portland, ME! I am so excited to be creating a space for more women in my community to have their process, their strength, and their truth.