The Best Part Of Your Day

Recently I started attending a weekly one-hour meditation class. This class continuously blows my mind with the way it clears out all of my anxieties and connects me to something deeper. 

Yesterday, a new student got to experience that kind of intimacy for the first time. When the meditation was over, this was his share regarding what he got from the experience--

"Well now whatever I do with the rest of my day is going to feel stupid."

I totally get where he was coming from. Often I have days where I feel like I have peeked:

I get to see a friend for coffee then dread the work I have for the afternoon.

I connect with the universe over a meditation then need to go back to "reality." 

I have one client who gets it, then a series of calls that feel like a struggle in comparison.

I unexpectedly eat the best burrito ever at lunch, but have nothing else to look forward to on a boring or dreary day.

The examples may seem trivial, but they point to a pattern that I assert we all create without meaning to in our lives. We make good moments that happen to us significant, but also fleeting. We think, "well this is the best it is going to get," then resign ourselves to monotony. 

So when this stranger reflected that pattern with his words, it got me thinking:

What if it were possible to generate each part of our day as the "best part"? 

What could life look like if it were normal to find joy and appreciation in every part of your day?

When I answer those questions myself, I see a life of finding the gifts I may have overlooked before. A newfound drive for taking on the "harder parts" of business development. The chance to create more connection during my day in service of support and playfulness. 

How about you?