Keeping It Simple

How often do you remember to keep it simple?

Last week while on WMPG’s Successful Balanced Living Radio Show, I got pretty honest about how I used to think of coaching:

“If you need a coach, your life must be a wreck.”

“Ah, that’s for people who can’t figure it out on their own.”

Basically, coaching was the place for you to bring your drama and hope that someone else could figure your life out for you.

Consider that drama—how much of it we have, our need to fix it—is usually just the stuff we built up in our minds. We have just done such a good job of building it up, that we have stopped taking action towards the vision we have for our lives.

Drama is the thing that keeps us standing still.

As a coach, I’m actually not interested in figuring out the drama in my clients’ lives. I’m more interested in keeping it simple: getting clear on what you want to achieve, and taking action to get it.

Food for thought: what in your life would change if you consistently had someone pulling you back from the drama?

If that life sounds enticing, consider who that someone will be for you. And if you’re not sure where to start in dreaming it up, give my latest interview a listen. It’s filled with ways to consider what’s next, how a coach can help, and most importantly why I moved to Maine!