Getting What You Deserve

During my last session with my coach, I declared a breakdown in one of my projects.

For a little context, the difference between having a breakdown and declaring one is that within the declaration is the chance to get responsible for how the project has gone thus far and decide what is next.

Part of declaring a breakdown is getting clear on what the breakdown is.

So there I was on our videoconference, trying to figure out what was keeping my project from moving forward. When things aren’t going the way that I want them to, I tend to blame myself for what I’m not doing. I get in my head and think “it must be a lack of sufficient action, or a lack of knowledge, or a lack of ownership” (and to be honest usually the thoughts in my head are not this nice).

However with some excellent insights from my coach, I got outside of my head and into my heart. And when I looked at the breakdown from my heart, I noticed just how much heaviness there was.

To try to bottom line it, the breakdown I was experiencing was in self-love. I didn’t actually believe that I deserved to have this project unfold the way that I wanted it to, or that I deserved to generate results that would make my life better/easier/fuller/happier.

And that’s the thing that we all do.

We settle for a life that is good enough, because we are scared that if we go for more, we’ll find out that we don’t deserve it. Or maybe we don’t even consider what going for more could look like, because we “know” that we don’t deserve it.

Take a look:

  • Where in your life are you sabotaging yourself because you think you don’t deserve that thing you want?
  • What would access to more self-love make available to you in your life?