Falling in Love with the Process

Talking about my own relationship to process may be the best way to revive my blog after almost two months of silence. 

Life is filled with process--going through K-12, transitioning between jobs, raising children...growing a blog following--and what I have owned about myself recently is how much I try to resist process. In particular, my resistance comes from knowing how processes have turned out for me in the past. 

I'll put off sleep and eating right in order to meet a deadline. 

I'll lose touch with friends for weeks at a time to make sure my client numbers are where I want them.

I'll sort of co-exist in an apartment with my partner, and we won't really know what is going on in each other's lives until I resurface with a new project to share.

I could keep going, but it all adds up to Suffering, Struggling, and Feeling Alone. Those 3 things are how I relate to process. And naturally, because of that association, when it's time to be back in another process, I am not a happy camper!!

Now, what I love about the work that I do is that as soon as you are clear on a pattern that you have, you have the power to choose where to interrupt it. For me, it's about reconnecting to the joy and adventure in my vision--sometimes over and over again in a single day. 

What about you?

  • What's the process in your life that you currently can't see any joy around?
  • What's the thing to reconnect with each day to have that go differently?