About Hear Her Roar

Hear Her Roar was founded to build up women to take on anything life throws at them. It is more than just the name of a coaching practice, it is the judgment-free space that gives you access to your brilliance, facilitating the creation of your powerful voice to live a fulfilling life through passion and compassion.

Hear Her Roar is like that one fierce friend you have. You know, the one who is completely satisfied with who she is and knows she can do amazing things? She doesn't hold back in her quest for a bold and enriched life and career, and she won't let you either. 

Hear Her Roar is Boldness, Strength, Adventure, Spirit, Woman, Leader, Passion, and Joy.


About Christina

Christina Stathopoulos is the Founder and Head Coach of Hear Her Roar. She is a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation-credentialed) and an Accomplishment Coaching-Certified Coach. 

Christina specializes in working with women leaders who are seeking to have a greater impact on their professional and personal communities. She partners with these women to have more confidence, develop their leadership presence, and embolden their voices.

Christina's pursuit for playing powerfully began at Mount Holyoke College, where she earned degrees in English and chemistry. In addition to her private practice, Christina serves the next generation of leaders as a Leader in Training of Accomplishment Coaching's Coach & Leadership Training Program--the world's finest accredited program.

Christina lives in Hoboken, NJ, where she passionately holds onto her scientific roots through home brewing.